I trust you lord….

Good. The time will come when no man will…they will fall on there itching ears…rescue mission is underway….polygraph test…I will look at there hearts…there intent …motive…and from there I will know the truth. The holy spirit generates the truth….Discovery….I have led this mission into this field of wheat you are in right now…you see darkness I see light….open the eyes of my heart lord you say….RAPTURE.


  1. rap·ture




  1. a feeling of intense pleasure or joy:

expressions of intense pleasure or enthusiasm about something:

go wild/crazy/mad


(the Rapture)

(according to some millenarian teaching) the transporting of believers to heaven at the Second Coming of Christ.

Get smart….


I have pursued you. Chosen you. Basket. I have carried you in a labor of love. You are my “mosharee” and I have not left you. I see what authority you are up against. Bonus. I have given you one. An added feature. My wisdom. And I am revealing myself to you. The stakes are high, and so is my love. Come ride in your chariot with me. Disguise. I see the masks they use. Sandpaper on a blackboard. Yet I will be the driving force that will bring you and the others home. Get smart.

I heard…special forces.

Special Forces…

Posted by: seewithyourheart on: September 8, 2011

I have enlisted some of you in the special forces.

I have put together a team that is undercover. You walk that way. You have orders to listen. Wait and watch. At the right time you then act. There is strategy in what you do. And a time element. Everything is not so black and white and easy. In most cases it is paramount. There is a bigger picture involved that you don’t understand, yet you don’t need to. You wait patiently and have faith. You are like a navy seal. Only working when necessary out in the forefront. On most days you are moving where no one sees you. Camaflouged. I have laid intricate ground work for you to follow. There is a reason for the madness you don’t quite understand. Yet your faith propels you into higher ground. You rise up in every task I give you and see whats at stake. You miss every landmine that lay in your path, strategically placed by the opposition.


Because you follow a map that lies inside you. Directions. Instructions for a higher calling. A calling many would not want. It is a lonely walk, for only a few our selected. But a walk you would never trade if you were asked.

Mission impossible is what you do. And oh the glory that you get to see while doing it.


**GET SMART…(I saw the TV SHOW of that playing out….me and father…team.


I have a plan…one that were discussing right now together…property…I want you to simply focus on me and let me handle the details…all in all. I AM HE…problem solved. Your not going to fix this..I AM…good n plenty…I will bring so much goodness out of this that people will be drawn to repent to come to me and I will be there waiting for them….this love I have for them is immense….catastrophic in proportion… ZION. Follow this road your on beloved…I will show you the way….endless love. YOU AND I forever.


My love.




I see them beloved. Take heart I am with you…BARE DOWN and let me take the reigns…Im going to have you LIVE STREAM just wait…first things first…your audience is going to be bigger…I need to reach my children and I will show you the way….T.V. yes that’s right I have made a path for you to be my SATELITE here on earth…a way to the fathers heart…a glimmer into heaven…follow me and I will show you….I will paint your words and mark my childrens heart with this great love….BULLDOZERS COMING  THROUGH…and your  mouth will shovel all that mud and mire to the wayside….problem solved…now I have provided a way for you to move/speak….encounter me and pour me out….bondservant.


Hallowed be thy name.


Definition: Hallowed be thy name. The word hallowed means, to render or pronounce holy. God’s name is essentially holy; and the meaning of this petition is, “Let thy name be celebrated, and venerated, and esteemed as holy everywhere, and receive of all men proper honours.”.


bicycle for two he is on…riding with me as I lead the way…I AM the head as he follows behind. breakable he is not…pliable he is…I AM shaping him in all things…as HE overcomes each obstacle I SHINE THROUGH IN HIM….do you see that beloved? it is me your seeing as HE RISES ABOVE each hardship. YOU CAN SEE ME….hahahahahahha you didn’t realize that until now…well I have my ways…ways that are not yours…so TRUST ME…in this ride…were on a bicycle for two…ONE BIKE…spirit led.


I see it on…your window is bright…and you are there with me. This time is not like any other…you and I will forge awareness where it seemed dim and dark…I am showing you that redemptive light that brings you home….the others see the light on and stand waiting for you to open the door. Wont you answer? let them in. I know you don’t want to deal with any visitors but there mine….arm wrestle….I see the struggle…yet I AM catapulting you into this place…abe lincolnesk it is….your a humble soul with a humble heart…mine. Now…jump into the lake….don’t look back…jump I’m waiting. clocktower.


(I heard …hold me now… the song) by the Thompson twins.


I went for a run around the lake today….every song that came on was about storms and your not alone….I tried to ignore it the whole time and at the very end of my run I saw my dad who just passed running beside me …he was young in his college days and back then he was a good runner….he was running alongside of me talking to me saying that he is right there with me…im not alone…that he will never leave me….I saw jesus there too just watching us….I began to cry trying to finish my run….whats going on lord? I didn’t expect to see my dad and I’m ok where he is why is he here?


I will do whatever it takes to reassure you your on the right path beloved…even bring your dad in the picture….stones.